• Discover Oxford Today: A Guide to the Best Activities and Walking Tours

Discover Oxford Today: A Guide to the Best Activities and Walking Tours

Oxford Visit Planner is the ultimate guide to visiting Oxford, packed full of information on attractions, restaurants, shops, visitor information and transport. Oxford Visit Planner will open doors through which you can discover Medieval University in the Heart of Englad.

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There is so much mystery surrounding the University of Oxford that , from outside, it is very difficult to understand the hidden world behind the old college wall. Life as a student in world's top ranking University is not plain sailing.

It is hard to imagine that beyound the streets of the city lise a hidden world of colleges and halls.

So, what's all the fuss about?

Oxford University is ranked as one of the top universities in the world with the architecture screams academia and traditions remains at the forefront. Oxford University has a collegiate structure in which the Chancellor acts as the ceremonial head and the Vice-Chancellor is main officer who ensures that everything works effectively.

Student life in Oxford University functions at two different levels. All university students have access to wider Oxford University facilities and buildings. They also benefit from a smaller college community on a daily basis.

Each college varies in architecture, size and location but all of them are self-contained educational hubs with endless list of on-site facilities.

Please book a Free Oxford University Tour for more detailed information from picturesque quads, medival walls, gothic spires and breathtaking gardens.

Premium Free Oxford Walking Tour of Oxford University, City & The Old Bodleian Library with University Educated Students & Alumni Guides Tour Price - Free!

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Things to do in Oxford today

Explore Oxford's Museum Marvels with Guided University Walking Tours

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Things to do in Oxford today

Explore the Splendid Dining Halls of Oxford's Time-Honored Colleges with Guided Walking Tours

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Oxford River Tours: Leisurely Punting Amidst Historic Colleges and Scenic Campus Views

Indulge in the time-honored tradition of punting in Oxford, a serene activity that traces its roots back centuries. Escape the city's hustle and immerse yourself in the tranquility of Oxford's scenic waterways. Whether you're enjoying a quiet conversation with friends or family, gliding along the river offers a peaceful respite. Punting is more than a sightseeing tour; it's a leisurely experience that lets you embrace the local ambiance.

For your punting session, consider booking with Oxford Punting or Cherwell Boathouse. If you're keen on exploring the historic buildings of Oxford University from within, complement your waterway adventure with a walking tour from Best Price Oxford Tours. These guided tours take you through iconic colleges, dining halls, and lecture halls, offering insights into their rich history, culture, and traditions. Secure your spot today and uncover the best of what Oxford has to offer.

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Immerse Yourself in Oxford's Rich Heritage and Culture with an Exclusive Walking Tour

Delve into the concealed history and culture of Oxford through our exclusive premium walking tour. Explore the renowned Oxford University colleges, where exhibitions, museums, and gardens unveil the city's rich heritage. Gain insights into the traditions and secrets of this ancient city, capturing stunning photos along the way. This premium walking tour is the ultimate way to uncover the best of what Oxford has to offer today. Secure your spot by completing the Book Now Form on our website and accepting our terms and conditions. Embark on a journey that reveals the hidden gems of Oxford's past and present.

Things to do in Oxford today

Explore Oxford's Beauty and History with Guided Walking Tours

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Please note that entry to all Oxford University buildings are subject to availability and our tour guides can only take visitors inside Oxford University buildings where visitors are allowed. We cannot take visitors inside the rooms where students live or study. Explore Oxford’s unique history while going inside oldest colleges and also discover equally about history of Oxford City. Learn about famous Oxford graduates who are now world leaders and their less known experiences in University of Oxford. Also discover academic traditions and ancient ceremonies at Oxford. Above all visit all the Magical sites of Narnia, Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter and the Hobbit in Oxford. And also the famous “finishing story of a stand-off” between an intelligent professor and a naughty student. Join our excellent free tour to uncover the inspiring historic stories of Oxford University, Old Bodleian Library and Oxford City while visiting the oldest colleges which were established between 1249 and 1264. Go behind the huge gates and high stone walls to see where University of Oxford students live. Our tour guide will help you discover the distinctive collegiate structure, unknown secrets of famous alumni and weird traditions of the University of Oxford.Tour price - There is no fixed price of this donation based tour, you can donate what you like at the end of the tour according to your happiness, our suggested donations that visitors can pay is as low as £5 per person or £10 per person or £20 per person according to your happiness at the end of the tour or during the tour or before the tour starts. However, when our donation based tour is fully booked then we can offer visitors a fixed price tour for £6 per person with other visitors. Visitors will be required to pay before the tour starts for the fixed price tour or during the tour when our tour guide will ask you to pay or we will ask for donations at the end of the donations based tour. If our donation based tour is fully booked then visitors can always go by themselves to see Oxford University. Our tour price is very low when compared with £20 to £25 per person charged by some other people. What is the meaning of Free on our website? Free means that visitors are free to pay as they like and visitors are free to choose whether or not to leave a donation. Free also means that we are going to share historic information about Oxford during the tour for free and for the same tour other tour operators charge £20 to £25 per person. Free also means that we will take visitors inside the historical sites of Oxford University. Free also means that visitors are free to take pictures during the tour. Free also means that our tour guide will share free information with visitors about all the sites of Oxford University which can be visited by visitors after our tour. Free also means that our tour guide will help visitors to locate Harry Potter filming locations in Oxford for free unlike other tour operators who charge £35 per person. We offer a free tour to visitors and we do not charge anything before the tour starts and we do not prosecute any visitors for not donating anything. Thank you for booking our tour. Our tour written to entertain visitors and some of our tour guides are actors and street performers. We have different types of tour. Our most popular tour is our free tour. Tour Price – Free. This is a completely free tour and we do not ask visitor to donate anything for this free tour. Tour duration – 90 minutes. Tour timings – 11 am, 2 pm and 3.45 pm everyday. Discover Oxford University in 90 minutes.

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